“Alikulalia Usiku Mzima Mpaka Umeshindwa Kuandika” Female Journalist Reveals All The Shocking Things Women Go Through In The Newsroom Having Worked At Citizen TV For 4 Good Years!!! (Full Details)

judy kosgei1

There is a conversation Kenyans need to have and that is the conversation about how the Kenyan newsroom is toxic for female Journalists.


This was a conversation started by former feature reporter Judy Kosgei and which I think all stakeholders should seek to propel. She left Citizen TV sometime last year after a four year stint where she made a great mark on covering issues regarding women’s and girl’s rights.


For that she won quite a myriad of awards including the prestigious CNN MultiChoice African Journalist of the year, made a lot of money in the process. Connections too as she’s now the Communication officer at Equality Now- a global organization that champions women’s rights.


Unfortunately even with all those accolades, she was not shielded from the misogyny, tribal bigotry and sexism rampant in Kenyan newsrooms.


She opened up after a similar article written by Njoki Chege on these unfortunate occurrence and that’s when narrated all the harrowing things she encountered as a Journalist-we have every reason to believe at Citizen TV.


Here is what she posted on her Facebook on 14th March 2017:….GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTIUE READING>>>>>