“Alikulalia Usiku Mzima Mpaka Umeshindwa Kuandika” Female Journalist Reveals All The Shocking Things Women Go Through In The Newsroom Having Worked At Citizen TV For 4 Good Years!!! (Full Details)

Words broke whose bone? A colleague asked me one day, No one? I answered. It made alot of sense, no orthopedic surgeon has ever received a case of Bones broken by words. If there’s, it is not documented. No bone was broken, none, why lie while I can cheat?, but that muscular organ that pumps blood ?, pieces I tell you, pieces and not pieces for picking.
… Woman journalist, you will head home at 10 pm, carrying with you a broken heart, a tired body, a clogged brain and eyes balancing tears, you will drive home while crying for no apparent reason… then you turn on the radio ?. Voila! the broken car radio self healed. Now playing; ‘voice of Truth’ by casting crowns, crank it up, dry your eyes kapsaaa at the parking lot, pick up your handbag, the shredded pieces of what was your heart and walk to the door of your dark house. EVERYONE is asleep. You go home late everyday so you have the spare key. Your baby slept at 8pm, you have a 6 am assignment tomorrow, call time is 5 am. You will tip toe out of the bedroom at 4.57am, you will not kiss her, you will not even dare breath near her, she will wake up…
Then one day the woman in me, the lioness who had been rained on and people thought was a cat, roared. I realised they weren’t just words, it was the woman being fought yet fighting for her space in the newsroom at the same time.
Woman with no heart for insults coined as obscene jokes walked to and worked in the newsroom, she was a shell, she had become defensive and unhappy, she loved writing and the production of great pieces but she would never trade her family for anything. Her mother a carreer woman with 7 children never did, why?
Remember the flicker, it flaired up, she decided to do what she loves on a different platform. A Platform where women are respected.


Judy Kosgei is not alone though, I have met up with other female Journalists who previously worked at Citizen and the narrative is the same; there is just too much toxicity in the newsroom.

But maybe it’s not Citizen alone but all Kenyan media houses.