As You Languish In Poverty, Here Are Kenya’s Top 5 Rich Daughters Of Prominent People. Lupita Comes Surprisingly At Number 5… (Photos)

3) Arnelisa Mungai


When your mother is the one woman entrepreneur who has dared to tread in unchartered waters and made it, you do not have a choice but to shape up and keep up.


Arnelisa Mungai, daughter to Tabith Karanja, CEO Keroche breweries has cut her own niche even though she still dangles at mummy’s skirt.


The classy lass owns her own water company “Nero” and her social media activity is a flashy affair from her cars to the vacation trips she takes. Duale would have been wrong on this one, Hii pesa ni ya mama yake.…GO TO PAGE 4 TO CONTINUE READING>>>>>>