Be Warned! ‘Mheshimiwa’ Will Harm Your Girl – Ex-Presidential Candidate Cautions Goldalyn Kakuya’s Parents!

Senator Mwaura and the lobby group celebrated the young girl and gifted her with a scholarship during the event, celebrating her for bringing greater focus to the Albinism handicap.


The former presidential candidate sternly warned the parents that the media glare will affect their child adversely.


“I urge the parents of Goldalyn Kakuya now to remove their brilliant child from the limelight. She is NOT a social celebrity but a child whose life has barely begun. Primary education is the most elementary level of school let her concentrate on her studies.


“Too much media focus (celebrity status) will and surely already has affected her negatively. Time will tell,” Ms Umar stated.


The post quickly gained some media attention prompting the politician to put up a new post asking her followers to continue to agitate for the top student to be shielded from the media.


Since the announcement that she had topped in the national exam was made, Ms Kakuya has held interviews with a number of TV stations and received various gifts from corporate entities.