Be Warned! Please Don’t Drive Along Kiambu Road Past 11 Pm, You Will Die! Just See What Is Happening (Full Scary Details)

.. between the two motorcycles and both were carrying someone at the back,so they were four guys in total,


I sensed things are were not okey, i tried to overtake the second motorcycle but they blocked me, that time the guys at the back shot at my back tire, I just heard the burst but i decided to go on,


this time now they tried to come so close on my side. I reacted fast and pressed them on the pavement, they lost control and fell,the other guys noticed that, they again tried to block me,

I hit them from behind, i threw them out of the road.


After a short distance i found a road block, i explained to the police there,all they said is that it’s very dangerous to drive on kiambu road past 11pm.

Warn people about that route, a group of armed guys is hijacking motorists there notoriously.