And last night, to cap his terrible run as the host of The Bench on KTN, Jeff pulled off the stupidest stunt yet..A stunt that left a terrible taste in the mouth. He invited Moses Kuria, a known pothead, hate-monger, motormouth, busybody and irritant to the show just to try and spice up things as he’s known to. And also, to try and sanitize the Government by countering the hard-truths made by the indefatigable Boniface Mwangi.
Boniface immediately walked out of the trap. Out of the stupid set-up.
Boniface just couldn’t the same platform with, to quote him , ‘hate-mongers, thieves, and their apologists’.
Jeff had promised Boniface that NO ONE ELSE would be invited to the show. But then he went and cheekily invited Dennis Itumbi, a known flunky and Moses Kuria, a sworn genocidal speech-maker to the show. Without Boniface’s knowledge!


Jeff and Mr Kuria then went on a little, senseless mea culpa that seemed to suggest that Jeff was not at all aware that Kuria would be walking into the show. A claim that Kuria supported by saying that he was just strolling around his favorite haunt Kempinski when he spotted his friend on the Bench, working, and decided to join in.
What utter nonsense!
Who just drags their bulky ass into a LIVE TV show? Or has KTN lost all decorum and manners manning a LIVE show? How did the crew allow some random Parliament dude to just stroll on to the set like it’s his brother’s cabbage stall in Mutindwa Market?
Thank fully, we are smarter than that, Gentlemen.
The other night, as Boniface Mwangi boldly walked away from that sham of a show, organized by Mr Koinange and the not-so-smart KTN production crew, the show sank to it’s lowest levels yet.
It’s a serious TV show about grand national corruption affecting millions of Kenyans goddamit!
Not some nonsensical Kardashian-style trash TV moment that you just throw about and hope for fireworks, ratings and sparks.
And you’re Jeff Konainge! Not Mike Sorrentino!
What an incredible incredible shame!
We need a new TV hero. The old one has become a puppet. A sad, manipulatable cartoon of the thieving ruling elite. A terrible player of showbiz and a poor cast member of a Reality Show gone awry.

By Cabu Gah