Exposed: See How Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli Was Beaten By This NASA Principal’s Wife After She Busted Them At A Joint!


For those who are keen enough, you must have noticed that Citizen TV anchor, Lillian Muli, rocks the same hairstyle when she is reading news.


The controversial anchor is always in a weave or wig that hides her left side of the forehead.


Women on a local popular Facebook group questioned why Lillian Muli rocks the same hairstyle and a lady dropped a shocking bombshell that we must share with you as we try to dig up more.


She claims that Lillian Muli was seriously beaten by Kalonzo’s wife, Pauline, some time back after she busted them in a Nairobi Club.


Pauline allegedly inflicted serious injuries on Lillian and a permanent scar on her fore-head that she….GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING>>>>>>