Finally Exposed! Meet Miss Mbula, The Nice Lady Currently Warming Kalonzo Musyoka’s Bed In The Absence Of The Sick Pauline (With Photo Evidence)

…KBC days while his wife was in a hospital room. In the morning, the milked master Watermelon was by his wife’s bedside.

We suspect the former KBC reporter is now expecting a new baby but we have not been able to verify this before publishing.

Kalonzo Musyoka is also the Baby Daddy of a child belonging to one of their house helps. The baby was sired when he resided in Mombasa where the woman and her child live.

Kalonzo’s wife, Pauline, is aware of the child because after all, the maid got pregnant while working in her home.

We have just obtained exclusive photos and an interview from the maid and will be featuring them in future Chronicles.


Within NASA circles and especially in Wiper, the relationship between Kalonzo Musyoka and Machakos Gubernatorial candidate, Wavinya Ndeti, is common knowledge.

They have been so close that Kalonzo messed up publicly. A slip of the tongue in Machakos during the campaign period had Kalonzo introduce Wavinya Ndeti by saying in Kamba, “Ninimusamite Wavinya na nienda umutavya e muyo muno – nimemuonja Wavinya na nawahakikishia ni mtamu sana (I have tasted Wavinya and I can sure you she is delicious).

Their sojourns started out as hidden moments but soon became full blown with Kalonzo meeting her several times a week for s*xual favors.

Wavinya, who is widowed, was even seen riding in the same car with Kalonzo and leaning on him in public.


Miss Mbula Nzuki is a good looking and affable woman. When she signed up for her master’s degree at the Nairobi University Law School, she had no idea she would meet the man who would sweep her off her feet.

Kalonzo Musyoka, who was studying for his masters degree, pounced on Miss Mbula and they quickly became lovers while his ailing wife waited at home.

The “saved” Kalonzo made her his PA in Wiper and this gave her the perfect excuse to travel all over the world with him. Miss Mbula would fly ahead of him and book a room in the same hotel. At nights she would warm his bed and satisfy his loins.

Their relationship brought friction at home when Pauline caught wind of it leading to a major fallout between Kalonzo and his wife. Pauline demanded that Mbula gets out of his life and out of Wiper affairs. At Wiper headquarters, she is known behind her back as the Party Leader’s “Apple Mango”, after the famous mangoes from Ukambani region that are sweet to eat.

Despite Kalonzo’s wife Pauline’s orders, Miss Mbula and her party leader are still s*x partners and Kalonzo has bought a car and….GO TO PAGE 3 TO CONTINUE READING AND SEE PHOTOS>>>>>