Note that you don’t have to tell her the exact thing you are really doing. You can come up with fantasy things to tell her. Things that make it seem like you are having lots of fun without her. Show her that you are still interested but can still do without her. She’ll come around and stop acting. When you see her deeply warming up to you, act quickly. Get sex or make her yours,depending on what you want from her.


If a girl refuses to loosen up, cut her off.  Always avoid making one girl the center of your existence. Never be too obsessed with one girl. Chase several of them.  Stay away from the belief that one “special girl” is the only person in the universe who can make you complete, and that without her life will be meaningless.


Another important thing to remember is ‘do not buy it when a girl says she wants the two of you to know each other first before you can date or have sex. Don’t accept to be her friend and spend months hoping the relationship will develop to something better. It wont. You will just be warming her up while another guy is doing the banging.


Life is short and you need to put your own interests first. The frame with which you should approach your male-female interactions should be honest and straightforward: either this leads to sex and a man-to-woman relationship, or you walk.


If at this point you are thinking something along the lines of “but she’s special and different and I want to get to know her first before sleeping with her”; or you think it somehow crude to put sex first, then you need to take a reality check and realize how things really work. Sex always comes first – the “relationship” afterwards. It is not even necessary for a girl to especially “like” you in order for her to sleep with you. Attraction is all that’s required.


Moral of the article: After two weeks, do not chase girls. Make girls chase you. It’s the only way to be sure you’ll get the lay.