IMPORTANT READ: Focusing On The Worst Case Scenarios Of The NRM Economical Boycott. Who Really Loses?

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CASE 3: Brookside Collapses:
Brookside majority owner is Kenyatta Family. After it collapses, Kenyatta family will still be running Brookside Uganda and Brookside Tanzania.


Not forgetting the companies that’s still under them including: AIG insurance, CBA Africa Bank, Heritage Group of Hotels, Brookhouse, Peponi schools, Timsales, large dairy and irrigation farms etc. He’ll definitely still be a Billionaire.
BUT the 1104 employees in Brookside Kenya will immediately lose their jobs.
LOSER: Ordinary Kenyans.
When you celebrate #Resist your celebrating the downfall of your brothers and sisters and in a country where there’s 45% unemployment rate you may just be celebrating your own downfall when the company that could have changed your life migrates out of Kenya in fear of similar boycotts.