Inside The Multi-Million Home Of NTV’S Managing Editor Linus Kaikai…Just How Much Money Does He Make?(See Photos Including His Handsome Son)


Linus Kaikai always tends to keep a low profile from the internet and it’s pretty clear we know why….he’s busy savouring all his amassed wealth.


I mean the guy is at the helm of one of the biggest and most established media houses in Kenya managing a horde of astute TV reporters and anchors. And besides that, he’s also a great debater, moderator and to be quite honest the best interviewer we have in Kenyan TV.


And with that you expect the guy to live small? Nooo…he’s a great asset and I bet the company understands that so they take good care of him.


And with that he can afford membership at the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club and to live in this palatial home which is located somewhere in the confines of Rongai.


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