Joy And Jubilation As Wilbroda Of Citizen TV’S Papa Shirandula Does A Highly Secret Wedding With Nigerian Oil Tycoon….(Lovely Photos)


Jacqueline Nyaminde has turned into a Kenyan sweetheart because of her part as “Wilbroda” the funny character on Citizen TV’s hit comic drama show Papa Shirandula.

Furthermore, things being what they are its not just Kenyans who adore her. Jacqueline has stowed one of Nigeria’s Richest oil head honchos who is known for his isolated nature.

What’s more, consistent with his character, the Nigerian Tycoon who is just known as “Mike” wanted to keep his wedding with the well proportioned on-screen character under wraps, selecting a basic yet costly wedding by the shoreline. In any case, there was one thing that they can’t be kept under wraps for….GO TO PAGE 2 TO CONTINUE READING>>>>>>