Kenyans Shocked Stiff After Learning Where Kitengela’s Mzungu(Italian) Makanga, Lucia Alessandra Lives! Hii Ndio Esto Yake…She Also Reveals How Much She Makes In A Day… (Unbelievable Details)


Finally, they came to accept it and are now okay with it.

“I started by visiting matatu terminus just to observe what happens. With time, I fell in love with noise and how conductors and touts work. In fact I’ve known some of them for more than five years,” she explains.


“We are two in the mini-bus, and all I do is collect bus fare from passengers. My colleague on the door helps those alighting. This job makes me feel good because I interact with people all the time.


“It is just like any other job. Furthermore, what I earn goes into good use. Initially, my family was concerned, but they have learned to accept me.”


Alessandra, who also studied in Kenya, says she likes almost all the local artists since she was born in kenya. She named Sauti Sol, Redsan and Nameless as some of her favourite artists.

“I aced my exams, but decided to run the family business,” she said. “I want to be Makanga for life. It is what I like doing the most. What I get goes into savings for my child. Drivers and others in the industry respect me and none has ever crossed the boundary. We just joke a lot.”