Former KTN Journalist Turned Nyali MP Mohamed Ali Of Jicho Pevu Attacked Viciously On Twitter After Insulting President Uhuru Kenyatta!!! See What He Did..

With all due respect,is Moha Jichopevu for the people or just against everything government? What motivates him? – @Iam_RachelN

Mash Lengete – I have never commented on any of your insightful posts but now you are becoming an imbecile. Be the responsible journalist you try to portray yourself to be. Cut the hate man, Uhuru is the president kama hupendi ngoja 2017 jaribu nawewe!!! For now tafafhali continue making the cartoon clips!

Quail Eggs Moha siku hizi umeisha fashion,ur lacking content n since u want to stay relevant u end up with childish updates like this one,ok kuvaa combat ina relate aje hizo vitu unataja? Uhuru remains the presdent upende usipende