Mmmh! How Does She Wipe Her Buttocks?? Lillian Muli’s Unfortunate Fashion Fail Live On Tv Leaves Kenyans Asking Weird Questions! Just See (Photos)


Fashion fails and Lillian Muli are just two things that you ever hardly hear of, I mean she is like the most stylish celebrity we have around.

But even the greatest fashion divas fall once in awhile. For some it’s a slit that went too far up or patterns that clashed too hard leaving them looking like a confused checkerboard or even worse wearing the Confederate flag.

And as for Lillian her fashion fail was her manicure. We are used to having Mrs. Kanene in tasteful, beautiful and trendsetting nails but her latest choice left a lot to be desired.

During a recent news bulletin, Lillian was in some Cruella-Deville like nails, the kind of nails a hawk would use to capture a mouse and guys had questions regarding the nails. And in usual Kenyan fashion, some of the questions were highly inappropriate!

Here are some reactions to them: