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Senator Wetangula further accused Mr Khang’ati of going round local media houses campaigning for Governor Lusaka before August 8.


“We wanted to change the leadership of the Bungoma county government that had denied the electorate meaningful change, yet we were hearing Khang’ati on radio and other local media houses urging the electorate to vote for Lusaka,” he said.


Bungoma ODM chairman Ali Balala, however, dismissed the claims stating Wetangula had panicked for no good reason.


Earlier on, Wetangula’s party had demanded that all candidates vying on an ODM ticket in Bungoma should step down.


Speaking during a rally, Ford-Kenya Secretary-General Eseli Simiyu had asked ODM Leader Raila Odinga to ask all ODM candidates in the county to step down and support those vying on the Ford-Kenya ticket.