Must Read: Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Luhya Men Are The Best In B£D!!! Kenyan Ladies Love Them Because Of Number 1 And 5…


All of us men from Western Kenya are bulldozers in bed. Today you can hear it right from the Luhya man’s mouth. Any Kenyan girl worth her salt has fantasized about being romanced by a ruggedly handsome and mysterious ‘Pratha from Kakameka or Pungoma”.


I always see women getting excited whenever I tell them I am a Luhya. It’s because they know good things are coming.  But what is all the hype about men from my tribe about? Let me break it down to you.


1. Huge p£nises

When I was in high school, we used to have open showers. Our bathroom was one big hall with poorly built compartments. There were no doors. So when you were showering, you could see at least three of the guys opposite you nak£d.  Since it was a provincial school in Western Kenya, most of the students enrolled were Luhya. And I must say that some of the p£nises I saw terrified me. They were swinging like pendulums or church bells in the vatican.


Jesus!!!! How did these guys manage to walk with such huge tools? Now most chicks I have slept with tell me I am extremely well endowed so I am wondering what the chicks of those former school mates of mine say.


95% of Luhya men have big d!cks and women always appreciate extra inches. They want to feel like their v@ginas are being torn apart. A big p£nis also gives a man plenty of confidence. You can be sure a girl will be satisfied.


You also don’t have to work too hard to stimulate her cl!t and v@ginal walls. Occasionally though, you will meet girls who can’t handle your size. I once met a chick who  asked for time out after the first thrust. She said, “Woiiii…..Ebu toa kwanza nijitayarishe vizuri.”