Must Read: Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Luhya Men Are The Best In B£D!!! Kenyan Ladies Love Them Because Of Number 1 And 5…

2. Eating

Ladies, if you want to know if a guy will perform in bed, cook for him ugali. Before you begin, ask him “Niweke maji vikombe ngapi?” if he says one cup and below, that’s a loser. If he says he doesn’t want ugali all together, that’s even worse. We Luhya men are great in bed because we eat a lot. Eating is a hobby for us. Like a layman will tell you, we eat until we are tired not until we are satisfied.


Energy is key when it comes to bedroom performance. The more energy-rich foods a guy eats, the more likely he is to plough the v@gina until smoke appears.


3. Luhya men like giving instructions

Luhya men like to issue orders and this manifests itself in the bedroom as well. My father gives a million instructions a day but that’s not the point. The point is that seduction is, first and foremost, about emotion. Your words are just a silky thin facade to cloak the subtext of s£xual anticipation. When a woman  hears you say “Pinduka” or “Inua mguu” ,she doesn’t say to herself “Why? Is he doing something fishy?” instead, she *feels* to herself “Wow, that’s kind of hot. I’m getting wet.”


Women want to be led by men. They particularly love when men tell them what to do s£xually. It hits all the female buttons that crave submission to a dominant man. Ordering a girl to change positions — note, I said *ordering*, not politely asking — is one of the hottest things you can do for a woman in bed. Have you ever noticed how a woman’s vocalizations will change and grow louder when you tell her to turn over and raise her ass to meet you?


There is a reason why women like photographers, filmmakers and other similar artists — women can’t get enough of being directed to do certain actions by men, particularly when those actions have a sexual flavor. “Turn around”, “Move this way,” “Come closer”