Must Read: Here Are The 5 Reasons Why Luhya Men Are The Best In B£D!!! Kenyan Ladies Love Them Because Of Number 1 And 5…

4. Luhya men have an obsession for doing physical tasks (this builds stamina)

I don’t know a Luhya man who doesn’t like doing manual jobs. These give a man the strength and the flexibility to get into the most complex s£x positions without losing breath.


I’m convinced that working outside, surrounded by trees and birds and babbling brooks and sunshine while burning a kajillion calories an hour, has a magical effect on a man’s libid0. Doing manual jobs also makes you good with your hands. You know exactly what to touch and when to touch it.


5. Luhya have a lot of s£x hence they learn what works (Practice makes perfect)

For some reason or the other, Luhya men love s£x. They always have the need to do a lot of shagging. (I won’t exclude myself). This gives them a lot of practice and experience.  After a while, they become perfect. Men who have more s£x tend to do it better than men who only visit Miss V@gina occasionally.


Through experience, we Luhya men get to know the right buttons to push. We don’t just wiggle our fingers around a girl’s pussy like we’re trying to tickle her. We do not drum our fingertips against a girl’s vulva like we are impatiently waiting at a chemist for a receipt. We do not push the cl!t like it is a doorbell at some house that we need to get inside of.


Through experience, we have learned that most women like to be shagged, and shagged hard. We understand that there are women out there who want to “make love” every time – sweet, gentle, rocking love with lots of eye contact and loving kisses but those women are not the majority.


The majority like to be pounded. The majority like a good, solid jackhammering. They don’t want a man who swirls his p£nis around their v@ginas like he’s mixing a cake batter up there. They want men who will hold down their arms, or grab their hips, or push their legs above their head, and bang like the punani is going to expire tomorrow.