MY BOYS: Mother of Thika’s Sh50 Million KCB Bank Robbers Reveals Interesting Details About Her Sons!

According to their mother, the brothers were introverts who spent most of their time together studying.


Munene also performed well in his exams and was admitted to Nyeri High School. Their parents faced the challenge of paying school fees on time.


Mrs Nyaguthii states: “When Mwangi was admitted to Nyeri High I was worried because I did not have the money. I decided to sell our only cow and then borrow from neighbours and friends.


“It was a struggle, walking for close to six hours, but my boys were very intelligent and I knew I had to give them the best education possible,” she continued.


Their father, Titus Githui, stated that he was not surprised by what had happened as Kenyans had glorified theft.


“How do you tell your children not to do these things when senior government officials engage in blatant theft and get away with it?” he posed.