Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi Breathing Fire After Babu Owino Told NASA Men To Open Kikuyu Ladies’s ‘Servers’ By Force! SMDH!

…asked NCIC and FIDA to explain to Kenyans why they are silent yet Babu Owino is spitting raw sewage against Kikuyu women.


He said if NCIC and FIDA fail to take any steps towards Owino, he will assume they are sympathisers and captives of NRM leader, Raila Odinga.


Did Babu Awino call for the RAPE of ‘Njeris’ when he RUN HIS MOUTH in Kibera? Shouldn’t FIDA or NCIC take him ON? Or is FIDA also Co-opted by Raila?” Mutahi said.


Here is Babu Owino’s abusive video…