RAILA DIEHARDS: 6 People Who Have Suffered for Supporting Raila Odinga!

3. 2 Directors of Aristotle International Corporation

Aristotle International Corporation is a data mining firm that was hired by Mr Odinga’s team to offer consultation services during the election period.


The two; CEO John Aristotle Phillips, and Andreas Katsouris were arrested and deported just three days to the August election.


According to Mr Aristotle, the police took him around the city while confined at the boot of the vehicle.


4. 2 Ghanaians Managing NASA Tallying center

Siaya Senator James Orengo, in August, claimed that two Ghanaians who had been recruited by the Alliance to help with the management of its tallying centre had been arrested and deported.


According to the Senator, the two were deported because of their links with the coalition.


The foreigners are said to have been apprehended when getting into the country over allegations of aiding in running the tallying centre.