Revealed: These Are The Top 5 Billionaires Who Control Kenyan Politics!!! Hawa Ndio Kusema…

The former VP names the two as part of those who encouraged him to work with the former President to ensure the 2007 election went on devoid of chaos and violence.


5. Jimmy Wanjigi

Wanjigi is a controversial businessman who heads the Multibillion Kwach group of companies.


While explaining how President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto edged him out of their alliance, the Wiper leader inadvertently points out Wanjigi’s role in Kenyan political deals.


“Then on that night, Uhuru and Ruto arrived at my home in the company of Jimmy Wanjigi, a Nairobi businessman and political strategist…we walked down to the gazebo where dinner was to be served.”


“Ruto and Jimmy sat silently as Uhuru spoke: “Stephen,” he said, “We have decided that you should choose some other position, but not the presidency or deputy presidency.’’