SHAME: See What Wetangula Did To Raila Odinga At Intercontinental Hotel Ahead Of His Swearing In! No Wonder Waceke Beats Him Like A Mburukenge!

…meet at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, before 9 am on Tuesday, where they were to cross over for the swearing at Uhuru Park when the crowd settles.

But when the D-Day came, Wetangula switched off his phone off like a coward and attempts by Raila Odinga to reach him through his satellite phone went unanswered.

Both Mudavadi and Kalonzo kept assuring Mr Odinga that they were on the way up to almost around 2 pm.

However, they never showed up forcing Raila Odinga to go to Uhuru Park alone and take the oath as an isolated man.