Shocking: Jubilee Spies “Detained” In USA After Attempting To Follow Odinga Everywhere


The NIS sent 15 spies to track Opposition Chief Raila Odinga’s every movement in the US and monitor his public and private meetings and even tried to install listening devices but failed.


“We are on top of virtually everything, movements … calls …SMSs,” an intelligence source told the Star in confidence.
This elaborate blanket surveillance is an indication of the jitters in the Jubilee administration and alarm that the unpredictable ex-Prime Minister might pull off an international diplomatic coup on his charm offensive in the US.
Details of the week-long spying and the high-level secret meetings between Raila and top US officials have emerged after he jetted back to the country on Friday 17th November to a hero’s welcome that was also marred by chaos.


A massive procession, a Million Supporter March, was planned, in defiance of a police ban.

“I am happy with what I have seen here and I’m happy to come back home. We have a lot of friends in the USA,” Raila tweeted.


Raila’s long-time adviser Salim Lone told the Star, “I have been with Raila on visits to the US before but there has never been such an extraordinary level of interest in him.”

The anxiety in the Jubilee administration was so intense, that spying was deemed necessary.


Nationewspaper learnt an advance reconnaissance team was sent to Washington, DC, two days before Raila arrived. Three others accompanied Raila on his flight to the US, sitting as close as possible.