The Life-Threatening Condition That Safaricom C.E.O Bob Collymore Is Suffering From Finally Revealed! See Shocking Details

Safaricom has faced a barrage of accusations of corruption after it awarded a multibillion media advertising tender to Saracen, who was accused to have used Transcend Media concepts leaked to it by Safaricom to win the tender.


Transcend and Saracen fights have brought in Safaricom as it is widely believed that key Safaricom executives are the indirect owners of Saracen and leaked the former’s creative ideas to Saracen so as to award them the BLAZE contract.


Transcend Media has also taken Saracen and Safaricom to court over the BLAZE idea which it says was developed at a cost of Ksh 700million.


The fights between Saracen, Transcend and Safaricom have become ugly that at some point protesters blocked the venue of a meeting Bob Collymore was attending in London to protest the corruptions back home.


The lack of data safety on the Safaricom network has prompted Kenyans to ask if Bob Collymore is an active participant in what are believed to be executions by state. The death of Chris Musando, Jacob Juma, MP George Muchai and others have alarmed Kenyans as the circumstances of their deaths indicate that they were carefully profiled using their phones and eventually killed.