The Top 10 Aviation Colleges And Universities For 2017

2. University of North Dakota
The John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences prides itself on providing the highest possible standard of professional flight without burdening the student with astronomical tuition fees.

This liberal arts institution has five key program objectives: to produce graduates with exceptional aviation skills, to strive for national and international excellence, to instill a passion for aviation that will inspire students to continue learning throughout their lives, to promote a solid foundation in technology, and to provide the necessary skills and culture to promote safety within the aerospace industry.

This aviation college offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs; within each of these programs, you have the opportunity to add a minor or a specialty certification.

Possible undergraduate degrees are in business administration or aeronautics. You can also earn your master’s and/or Ph.D. in aerospace sciences. Each degree, be it undergraduate, graduate, or master’s, includes mandatory flight course requirements.

The cost of aviation classes is not included in flat tuition rates, and this cost varies from program to program, so be sure to look into the specific rates of the program you are interested in.

Many states offer either in-state or discounted tuition at UND, with the highest rate of tuition totaling approximately $19,292 per academic year. Financial aid and scholarships are available to students who meet eligibility requirements.