The Top 10 Aviation Colleges And Universities For 2017

3. Ohio State University
OSU’s aeronautical programs can be found within the College of Engineering’s Center for Aviation Studies, among the best aviation colleges in the world.

Partnerships between OSU and prominent agencies in the industry serve to further a student’s employment opportunities, such as internships and research, as well as employment post-graduation.

The school’s Center for Aviation Studies came into being in 1917 at the onset of WWI. Originally, at the beginning of the War, the U.S. War Department established schools of military aeronautics at six universities, including Ohio State University.

As a result, the OSU School of Aeronautics opened in May of 1917. Even post-war, this aviation college continued to flourish, called upon again in WWII to train civilians to fly warplanes.

Both undergraduate and graduate aviation degree programs are offered at this aviation school. Undergraduate options include a BS in aviation (via the College of Engineering), a BS in business administration in aviation management (via the Fischer College of Business), and a BA in social sciences in air transportation.

A student of any major degree program is able to add a professional pilot specialization. This specialization gives students a way to earn their Commercial Pilot’s Certificate with the advantage of an Instrument Rating.

By earning your professional pilot specialization, you are then given the option to continue on to earn your license as a Certified Flight instructor or a certificate of Multi-Engine Rating even prior to graduation.

Each program and its associated flight class requirements differ in cost, but financial aid and scholarships are made readily available to students who qualify.