The Top 10 Aviation Colleges And Universities For 2017

4. San Jose State University
The San Jose State University College of Engineering offers a Department of Aviation and Technology. SJSU’s aviation department came into being during the year 1936 when students within the math department began expressing interest in flight.

As WWII drew closer, this budding field of study became one of 13 US schools to become a part of the Civilian Pilot Training Program; this program was created with the aim of teaching civilians how to fly warplanes and assist in the war effort.

Ever since, the school has been serving students with interest in business, technical, or active flying careers.

SJSU’s Department of Technology has been present since the 1800s, though in those days, the school was known as Manual Arts. The BS in industrial technology came into being in the early 1960s.

This aviation college offers two bachelor’s programs, a BS in aviation degree and a BS in industrial technology. Within either of these bachelor’s in aviation, you can specialize in operations, maintenance management, aviation management, or professional flight.

SJSU’s BS in industrial technologies allows specializations in computer electronics and network technologies or in manufacturing systems – green manufacturing.

This University also offers a master’s program in quality assurance. This master’s program was designed for professionals working full time; many classes are offered online or during the evening.

Students are accepted from a wide range of backgrounds, such as business, product design, health technologies, and more. Internships and work-studies programs are available to students who meet financial eligibility requirements.