Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World


Here are some important characteristics of the best attorneys. I provide this list for both employers and also for those attorneys seeking to fit into this list.

  1. The Ability to Identify With Different Types of People

The best attorneys are typically not elitist. People without a lot of self-confidence will often use their position as an attorney as something to put themselves on a pedestal. The best attorneys are interested in identifying with lots of different types of people and are able to do so. In many respects, the ability to identify with many types of people is a measure of the attorney’s self-confidence because the attorney does not necessarily need to be anything special.

Many attorneys who have elite educational backgrounds and start their careers in large law firms are surrounded by others who are doing work for large corporations with huge budgets. Many of these lawyers have very little client contact and live in a world where they believe they are “holier than thou” and conduct themselves with a sense of entitlement that comes from being coddled and isolated. Unfortunately, clients disappear, circumstances and the economy can change and all sorts of unfortunate situations can happen to attorneys in large law firms. If an attorney is isolated and does not learn how to deal with a diverse group of individuals, they cannot be good attorneys over the long term.

When an attorney can see and understand someone else’s point of view, they can craft better arguments, reach better conclusions, understand others’ motivations better and be compassionate and understand consistently. To be an effective advocate and negotiator, a lawyer needs excellent people skills.