Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World

Being with a law firm often meant the attorneys did better work and were treated with more respect. If a large law firm was in town representing a client, the judge and other clerks all recognized the firm and its integrity and paid little attention to the individual attorneys.

My experience clerking for a judge basically taught me about the importance of creating strong arguments, the importance of well-written papers, the importance of being confident in front of the judge, and showed me the respect that attorneys with larger law firms typically receive. This is simply a fact and something that really matters.

When I started practicing law, I was at a firm called Quinn Emanuel and associated with some amazing attorneys. The firm was started by some attorneys from Cravath Swaine & Moore-one of the most prestigious New York law firms. While I also had job offers with several New York law firms, I was never interviewed or considered by Cravath.


Since I could not work for Cravath in New York, I figured the next best thing was to work with a bunch of attorneys who had been trained there. It was a great decision and I learned quickly how a good attorney’s decision-making and problem solving skills can make all the difference. I never would have learned this on my own.

The best attorneys almost always have experience with a large, prestigious law firm.