Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World

  1. A Good Attorney is Extremely Detail-Oriented

While it is the last thing I am writing about, it may be the most important quality a great attorney needs. Nothing reveals a poor attorney more than having a lack of attention to detail.


Whether it is formatting errors, spelling errors, missing arguments – you name it-the worst attorney always has a problem with details.

Details are hugely important in the legal arena. If an attorney cannot pay attention to details, then they can get ripped up by the other side. Attorneys love pointing out the mistakes that other attorneys make. If you are working with a truly exceptional attorney, you will find they rarely miss important details.

One reason the ability to pay such close attention to details is important is because an attorney’s work product needs to be trustworthy. If an attorney is interpreting a piece of law for a judge or another attorney, they are expected to be correct.


However, if the attorney’s work product is littered with typos, the perception is that the attorney probably has not carefully thought through the issues. Thus, the attorney’s work and thoughts will be discounted, and their client will suffer.