Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World

  1. The Overcoming of Personal Adversity

The best attorneys generally have some bad stuff that has happened to them in their background or some sort of adversity they have overcome. While it is never pleasant to have struggles, having difficulties does breed the ability to identify with others who are having problems, to be motivated to solve others’ problems and to have a “spark” that is palpable.

Here are some examples of hardships that some of the best attorneys I have known have had to face:

  • One was a former cocaine addict when she was a model who then got clean.


  • Several have been alienated or have chosen to no longer have contact with their fathers.


  • There are often sexual abuse issues in their backgrounds.


  • Several have grown up in wealthy communities where they were not wealthy and felt excluded.


  • Many have parents who had substance abuse problems.