Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World

  1. Generally Having Experience With a Highly-Prestigious Law Firm

When I started practicing law, I worked for a federal judge. Most of my duties involved reading the briefing that two sides were doing and choosing between one side and the other. In doing this, it was generally pretty clear to me who the better attorneys were.

  • The better attorneys wrote cleaner papers, they had better arguments and the work they did made more sense from a legal standpoint.
  • Their legal arguments were more thought out and were easier to understand.
  • They were able to make the complex appear simple-because they actually understood what they were writing.
  • They did not use big words and communicated clearly.

In almost all cases, if the attorneys were from large law firms, their work was better and they won more often. In fact, this was true almost all the time. Large law firms generally made better arguments, and had more presentable attorneys.

When I was in college, there were fraternities, and that’s where the cool kids were. In a fraternity, there are rules for how people treat each other. People can be critical of one another and a certain product of person is generally created in the fraternity environment. Members of fraternities benefit from this association to some extent. They have parties together, take trips together and often make lifelong friends. If someone does something wrong, everyone comes down on them – and they may be kicked out of the group.

To a great extent, a large law firm is like a fraternity. Everyone knows each other’s business and they tend to keep each other in line. Like a fraternity, each law firm has a culture. Each law firm admits certain types of people and has their own “way.”It is important for attorneys to get into large, prestigious law firms early in their careers because they will learn certain things they would not learn on their own or at smaller law firms.