Top 10 Characteristics Of The Best Attorneys In The World

  • If the person has been a summer associate at a large law firm and received an offer, that says something. Where the person worked-what city-also has an impact and gives important information about the person.


  • The school the person went to says something.
  • How the person did in law school says something.

You can generally come up with a pretty clear mental picture of what the person is like before you ever meet them.

When attorneys from small law firms came before the court, it was like someone who was not in a fraternity. Many of these attorneys were the sort of people that you could tell do not fit in. Like the nerd in college, they might have been poorly dressed, awkward or just “off.” Their papers before the court might have typos in them, be unprofessional or have other problems.


These individuals were rude to the court staff (which always got back to the judge), while the attorneys from larger law firms always understand the intricacies and importance of being polite to the staff.