Top 20 Things Every Lawyer Should Know

15. How to Receive a Compliment

  • Say thank you—this sounds obvious, but some people grow so flustered in the face of praise they forget.
  • Don’t feel obliged to return a compliment for a compliment—it sounds forced. If you really want the person to know how much you appreciate their kind words, follow up your “Thank you” with “That means a lot.”

16. How to Craft the Perfect Sound Bite

  • Be who you are. Remember you’re not Walter Cronkite or Oprah.
  • Don’t bury your lead—distill what’s most important and say it at the top.
  • Be direct, but remember that an interview is not a conversation.
  • Don’t use the words that got you your 760 verbal SAT score.
  • When in doubt, repeat yourself.